What is Mileage Capture?

Mileage Capture is the process of obtaining accurate period odometer readings from your Company controlled vehicles, be they Company or Privately owned vehicles.

This is usually achieved by recording Business Mileage on a Paper based Journey Log.

The Summary information ie: Totals, can then be transferred onto the MIDAS system by the Driver for further processing, either with Fuel Card Company supplied Data, or by reimbursement directly to Payroll and Accounts, thus minimising administrative cost & burden.

Business mileage is subtracted from the total period mileage (end odo reading to start odo reading), the result being Private mileage.

A MIDAS file containing accurate mileage & date of reading can then be sent to whoever manages vehicle maintenance, to ensure that Duty of Care requirements are met. Transfer from Mileage Capture to Mileage Management within MIDAS is as simple as pressing a button!

MIDAS Mileage Capture is a good way to get started, MIDAS Mileage Management is a powerful tool, to help Manage your Businesses costs, and CO2 emissions.