Why do you need mileage management?

Mileage management identifies business and private mileage split for reimbursement of business mileage or recovering private mileage costs from drivers who use fuelcards. Using Midas Mileage Management means compliance, accuracy of claims, managing overall mileage, reducing the environmental impact of your fleet and potentially substantial savings on fuel.

Midas Journey Entry

Using full Midas Mileage Management, detailed journey entry is fast and efficient, with Google Maps integration to ensure mile-by-mile accuracy of each claim, giving you that extra peace of mind.

Our system records all journey detail required for full HMRC compliance including date, destination(s) and business reason.

Midas generates automated reminders to ensure drivers finalise their claims before your deadlines.

Midas Mileage Only

For Midas “Lite” users, all that is required is a simple monthly declaration of odometer reading and total business mileage. A quick and easy method of mileage capture, providing the benefits of Midas. Companies using mileage-only should be confident that they maintain sufficient journey records, through other business processes, to meet HMRC requirements.



Approval of claims is usually completed by line managers who can view online all claims submitted by users allocated to them. The Midas system provides automated, personalised reminders, sent in line with payroll schedules, to ensure any outstanding approvals are completed before your deadlines. Alternatively, there is a simple, automated approval process, driven by parameters set in Midas, dependent upon your business rules.


Midas offers extensive reporting through the Midas secure site and encrypted database where your information is stored and protected. Reports can be generated from all current and historic claims, including Processed Claims, Payroll Deductions, Accounts Summary and Latest Mileages. We provide individually itemised reports, exportable to Excel and PDF, giving added flexibility to interface with your other systems, such as payroll, fleet and accounts.

Midas is flexible and can be configured to fulfil your business requirements