Midas FMS Ltd has extensive experience in fleet management services, compliance and driver support.  We are one of the top providers of fuel management systems within the UK.

Midas FMS Ltd is part of the Pertemps Network Group. Pertemps started out as a one-off family business in Birmingham back in 1961, and has now grown to become a market leader as one of the largest staffing providers in the UK.

Originally developed in-house for Pertemps, our Midas fuel management system helps businesses keep an accurate bespoke record of all business trips and journeys to help you manage the costs. Our expenses module complements this enabling efficient online input, processing and reimbursement of any other expenses.

Additionally, we provide innovative and effective solutions to help you control your mileage costs, CO2 emissions and Duty of Care.

What is Midas?

Midas is a mileage and expenses system that manages employees’ expenses and gives your company the control you need over business expenditure.

It is a highly effective tool for business mileage, whether you run pay-and-reclaim or a fuelcard solution in your company. By keeping records of business journeys and private mileage, the system helps you to manage the costs and identify where savings can be made. It helps meet Euro VI VAT compliance. Midas provides a comprehensive suite of reports designed to supply financial, payroll, mileage and CO2 data to your business.

How much does Midas cost?

There is no upfront cost!

We make a small monthly charge per user, dependent upon your business’s specific requirements.

  • At worst, it should be cost neutral!
  • At best, it could save your Business tens of thousands of pounds, dependent upon annual fuel spend.